About Psychoanalysis

What is Psychoanalysis?
It is a cacophony of felt emotions, led by hope.

What is psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is a philosophy of hope within relationships. The relationship between experiences of the mind and experiences of the body's mind. The relationship between memory and thoughts unknown, between words and silence, between sameness and difference, between merger and rejection, between fear and desire, and between love and indifference.

Psychoanalysis begins the moment the patient enters the consulting room. There is hope to remove emotional pain and suffering, a hope to find oneself, a hope to be known by the analyst, to be understood, to feel emotional relief, or sometimes to just have the ability to feel alive.

The Arizona Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology is based on hope. Hope from theorists who created relational theory, feminist theory, gender theory, political theory, queer theory, attachment theory, complexity theory, and more. A hope to create a Society in Arizona for all individuals interested in psychology and psychoanalysis, to exchange theoretical ideas, to discuss clinical developments, and a hope that this Society will enable us to better help those who need our hope.

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